Hercules Historical Society

Marine Transportation

Three marine wharves have been constructed and used for freight transportation at various times within current boundaries of the City of Hercules. 

Wharf franchise. 

Franchise in favor of California Powder Works by Contra Costa County for the acid wharf, 1902.

Don Browning

Recollection of childhood in Hercules during 1950s - 1960s

“This was the dynamite loading wharf after Hercules left wharf was used  for fishing by kids. Trouble was they started fires to keep warm. Then fire dept had to put it out. They cut out a section about 20 ft of decking but it did not stop fire. Finally wharf was removed. The acid wharf was built for pumps to pump cooling water fro the acid areas behind Power House.” 

Don Browning's childhood memories of the wharves.