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Seeking Acid Vat Information

Over a period of several years, the Hercules Historical Society has been contacted by persons in possession of an item that they refer to as an acid vat.  These persons have claimed that the item had been used in the Hercules Powder Plant many years ago.  When the plant no longer needed these items, due to the change in their manufacturing of products, they were allowed to be removed from the plant property.  The two vats that came to our attention were on the private residential property of those who acquired them under this condition and the photographs that I am providing are of them in that location.  They appear to be made of ceramic material and are very heavy.

Our organization has a vast collection of photographs of the plant, many of which were taken in the late 1800s and early 1900s when the facility was experiencing a great deal of construction changes due to the need to increase production of various products they were making for the World War I effort.  One such photograph shows some acid vats outside a building at the plant.

Acid Vats lined up in road on left side of image

From what little information we have been given by those in possession of the acid vats, when they were used, several were lined up inside a building, probably like one of the ones in the old photograph above, were upright above floor level, and attached to some kind of conduit that fed the ingredients into the top and another conduit at the bottom that carried the final mixture to another location in the plant.

We are relying upon Randy Grandin to convey to us any information you can provide to our organization about these acid vats (or whatever their technical name might have been). Feel free to send any information regarding the vessels to society@herculeshistory.org