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Operation and Development of the Hercules Works

The CPW's Hercules Works operated as a chemical production facility for nearly a century. Exhibits here depict and document the construction, operation and conditions of production at the Works over its lifetime. 


Investment and Expansion

http://stacks.herculeshistory.org/Still Image/408 WH McBryde/408 12511 - 1905 Mar - Sulphuric Acid Plant - Excavation.tif

DuPont assumes voting control of CPW and invests in the Hercules Works.


http://stacks.herculeshistory.org/Still Image/408 WH McBryde/408 12515 - 1905 May 5 - Sulphuric Acid Plant - Excavation.tif

Three marine wharves have been constructed and used for freight transportation at various times within current boundaries of the City...

Buildings of the Works

303 G Clubhouse [image].tif

Shown are the buildings that comprised the Works.