Newsletters scanned as PDF’s

The Hercules Historical Society has scanned and made publicly available the archive of newsletters in PDF form.



The following are original individual works. They may not be reproduced without expressed written permission of the authors. They are presented as written by the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Hercules Historial Society.

Hercules Powder and Chinese Labor

Hercules resident Ashley Connelley wrote the following paper for a class called “History of the West” for Professor Mark Brilliant, at UC Berkeley in Spring 2006. The assignment was very broad, and she could research any topic focused on the west but had to use mainly primary sources (she used mostly newspaper articles from the UC Berkeley micro-film library). As there appeared to be very little written about the factory, this sparked her interest in pursuing the topic. Ashley has allowed the Hercules Historical Society to post this paper on its web site.

Warren Horton McBryde

The Hercules Historical Society recently acquired photographs, newspaper articles, and documents from Madeline Wallace and Warren McBryde Ryder, the grandchildren of Warren Horton McBryde.

Robert Reedy

Former resident’s, son of a former employee, first hand account of the dangers of working in a dynamite plant. Warning: graphic content. PDF download

Cathi Ryan

Former resident writes of the area’s history from 1838 to 2001. PDF download

Ohlone Elementary School Logo

Created for Ohlone Elementary School in 1994 by Linda Yamane, Rumsien Ohlone, this logo represents the school and honors native Humchium Ohlone people, who once called this area home.