Hercules History Book Presentation

Tsuschima Librarians Receive Hercules History Book

During a visit to Tsushima, Japan (Hercules’ sister city) in November 2011, Lynn Fissell (President of the Hercules Sister City Association and Secretary of the Hercules Historical Society) donated two autographed copies of the Hercules history book to the Tsushima Library.  The first photograph shows the Librarian Mr. Teiji Hanya and the Sub-Librarian Mr. Shunsuke Sonoda holding the books.  Also pictured is Tsushima City Mayor Bunro Ito who received a copy.  A copy was given to Masaru Miwa, the President of the Tsushima City International Exchange Association, unfortunately no photograph was taken.

Tsushima Mayor

Mayor of Tsushima, Bunro Ito, Accepting Hercules History Book

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